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Mastercard Bitcoin Debit Card Providers – Plastic and Virtual 

Mastercard is credit and debit card provider in the card payment industry.

Challenges and benefits for bitcoin debit card holders

Mastercard is not charging any fees directly to its customers. All of the Mastercard’s fees are set by the bitcoin card provider, such as issuance fees, any annual charges or the reward and interest rates paid on the card. Bitcoin debit card holders are only charged to those fees you see on the bitcoin card provider’s website.

For those who want to spent their bitcoins with their identity hidden, Mastercard has the option to issue anonymous cards that only displays a single name on the debit card. These anonymous cards might not be accepted by all retailers as it may happen that the cardholder is asked to show personal identification documents. This is a known limitation of the anonymous bitcoin Mastercards.

Global Acceptance of the Bitcoin Mastercard

The service of the Mastercard is available in more than 200 countries worldwide. In terms of market share, Mastercard owns about 15% of the credit card market. There were 189 million debit cards and 201 million credit cards in circulation in 2016 solely in the USA. These cards have purchasing power of $1.2 trillion in total. There are more than 532 million Mastercards available worldwide. More than 30 million online reseller accepts Mastercard as a payment method around the globe. The number of the POS terminals accepting Mastercard is unknown, however given number of the businesses worldwide this number means possibly more than 100 million retailers.

History of Mastercard

Upon following the success of the VISA card in the early 60’s, a couple of American banks formed an alliance to provide a new debit card, called The Interbank Card in 1966. Ever since then Mastercard has been growing into a worldwide known payment provider.


These providers offer Bitcoin Mastercards:

– SpectroCoin Bitcoin Mastercard

– Advcash Bitcoin Mastercard


Best Mastercard Bitcoin Debit Card Providers (Anonymous, Plastic and Virtual)

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