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Bitcoin Visa Card – Plastic and Virtual

VISA is the leading debit and credit card provider in the payment industry.

Benefits and challenges for bitcoin visa card holders

VISA does not charge its cardholders directly with fees. The associated issuance charges, annual fees, interest and rewards rates are all set by the bitcoin card provider who is offering the VISA cards. Instead VISA is charging the retailers who are offering VISA as payment for its clients. So bitcoin card holders should not worry about extra fees, they just have to pay all those charges that are listed on the bitcoin card provider’s fee schedule, nothing more.

There is also an option to issue anonymous cards at VISA, when only a name is displayed on the card that can be freely chosen. These cards may not be accepted by all retailers as payment method, in some cases it might be required to prove the personal identity with a photo ID. Anonymous bitcoin debit card holders should be aware of this limitation.

Worldwide Acceptance of Bitcoin VISA cards

VISA offers its service in more than 200 different countries global. The card provider have more than 363 million VISA credit cards and 506 million VISA debit cards were in circulation in 2016 just in the USA. The transaction volume of these cards were almost $3.6 trillion in 2016. Globally there are more than 1.46 billion VISA cards on the market. Over 30 million online merchants accepts VISA cards as payment method worldwide.

History of VISA

The financial service provider has traces back to the 50s when the Bank of America started the BankAmericacard program in California. The popularity of the bank card spread across quickly the country and more banks wanted to license VISA’s card system. After a couple of years the control of the payment system has been passed into the hands of the issuer banks and started to grow into an worldwide network.

These providers offer Bitcoin VISA Card:

– SpectroCoin Card VISA
– Cryptopay Card VISA
– Uquid Card VISA
– Coinsbank Card VISA
– Xapo Card VISA

Best Visa Bitcoin Cards (Anonymous, Plastic and Virtual)

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